Donations & Fundrasing

Supporting Our Music

Donations & Fundrasing

Supporting Our Music

Your Donation

Performing historically helps us interact with our audience in a genuine and intimate way. To enable us to continue making this contribution The Muffat Collective kindly asks for your support towards the significant costs of making music in Australia.

While all plans for 2020-21 were severely disrupted by Covid-19, we managed to complete our first CD recording with the ABC and have reviewed how we want to promote our image and grow our support base. We are approaching 2022 with confidence and ambition, re-connecting with our loyal audience base and its support to reach our goals.

Your contribution will help us:
You can help secure the short- and long-term viability of The Muffat Collective by making a Tax-Deductible Donation.

Your contribution will help us:

• Pay our core artists at industry standard rates

• Collaborate with talented soloists, both established and emerging

• Continue to build our audience base

• Actively pursue media and PR opportunities

• Explore new venues and regions to expand awareness and grow our audience base, especially among young people



To Our

We’d like to thank our donors for supporting us. We are overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the support we’ve received.

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