Conversations with BACH
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Conversations with BACH

We are delighted to be joined by Baroque Flute player, Mikaela Oberg, in a program that explores the highly nuanced music of the Galante or late baroque. From Johann Sebastian Bach to rare  gems by the French composers Louis-Gabriel Guillemain and Jean-Baptiste Quentin, we show how musicians of this period lay the foundations of elegance and expressivity for Mozart and Haydn.

            Guillemain titles his Six sonates en quatuors as "conversations galantes". This unusually descriptive title shows how French composers like Guillemain and his colleague , Quentin focused on the idea of a musical discourse as inspiration for composition. In music of this style we, the musicians, are having a conversation in music as phrases and ideas are passed around amongst the ensemble. Even the Lutheran stalwart Bach showed a surprising predilection to this new conversational style in his trio sonatas. Georg Philip Telemann, godfather to Bach's first born son and savvy entrepreneur, pioneered this new Galant style with his innovative “Paris Quartets.”

            Music as a language of emotion has the unlimited capacity to move us and in this concert we will celebrate how that language was manipulated to imitate the art of conversation. Join us for a program that is full of grace, delicate playfulness and sentiment that will touch your heart and soul.

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